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Personalised School Boy Drawstring Bag

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Introducing the Personalised School Bag – the ultimate back-to-school companion that combine style, functionality, and personalisation to make every school day an exciting adventure. This set isn't just for carrying books and staying hydrated; it's a statement of individuality, a reflection of your child's personality, and a symbol of the school year ahead.

Our Personalised School Bag is more than just a school supply; it's an invitation for your child to embark on a new academic journey with style and confidence.

Make this bag uniquely theirs by adding their name and fully customisable appearance with our school girl/boy design.

The start of a new school year is a momentous occasion, and this set is a celebration of the exciting adventures that await. It's a reminder that your child is supported and cherished on their academic journey 🎒

This set isn't just about school supplies; it's about the love and encouragement you want to convey to your child. It's a symbol of your readiness and excitement for their growth and learning.

Elevate your child's school year, celebrate their uniqueness, and create lasting memories with our Personalised School Bag. It's not just a bag; it's a symbol of your child's individuality, a companion for their school adventures, and a stylish statement for the year ahead. Order yours today and watch as your child shines with confidence and excitement on their educational journey. 🎓🎒🚀


Drawcord closure.
Removable cord.
Capacity 5 litres.

Please include full personalisation details at checkout including choice of -

eye colour

hair colour

skin colour

dress colour

Name & Any Further Personalisation Information.

Perfect for a school or nursery bag, PE bag or even after school sports activities!